6 Sweet Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts Every Mom Would Cherish

As the mama of an almost-four-year-old little girl, these thoughtful Mother’s Day gift creations make me smile at the idea of giving or receiving them. As a keeper of memories and a documenter of my daughter’s life, I know I would appreciate them. In fact, I’m making them for myself!

You are the creator! Have fun making and gifting these projects to the dear women who are mamas, grandmas, or like-a-mama in your life.

Maternity pictures

The belly is such a memorable part of a parenthood story. It’s brief, yet significant. The drastic change a body goes through as it changes over 40 weeks of pregnancy is worth documenting, and so is the mama’s sweet glow.

maternity photo

Keepsake Box for Baby Treasures

It’s been almost four years since my daughter was born and I still have sheets of paper printed from my ultrasounds. I’ve photographed my favorites since the paper is light sensitive and I don’t want to lose them over time. A sweet idea is to use a favorite image—maybe a favorite ultrasound picture or a baby picture—to create a keepsake box of little newborn treasures. An ultrasound photo on a necklace would be darling, too.

keepsake box

Pictures of Mother and Child(ren)

It’s a safe bet that the mother in a household is usually the one in charge of getting family pictures, so any pictures of her in them may be rare. She may not know it now, but she will be happy later if she is also documented in the life of her family.

mother and daughter photo

mom and daughter photo

Footprint Stepping Stones

How I wish I had seen this idea before my daughter was born four years ago, because you can bet, I would have made a point to make this each year for a collection of stepping stones to put in my yard or garden. I will do it this year and start my collection of Eloise stepping stones so I can walk where her once-little-feet roamed! Here’s a tutorial from acraftedpassion.com, and there are a lot of ideas online on how to add embellishments such as letters, broken dish parts, or colorful stones to name a few.

footprint garden stone

Finger-Painting Sign or Tote Bag

I saw a cute idea to use a child’s hands to be the painted sun rays, but when I started to do it with my daughter, I decided to use just her fingers instead of her entire hand. I was going to paint “You are my sunshine” in the middle, but I had a bad feeling I would mess it up, so I photographed the fingerprinted sun and opened it in Photoshop to add the text. My husband happened to walk over and asked what I was doing and he seemed to have an idea so I said, “Do you just want to do it for me?” Cue batting eyelashes, and this is what he came up with. I love it! I’d love seeing this daily or showing it off on a tote bag!

fingerpaint art

Kid Drawings on Coffee Mugs

My husband is the fourth in line of nine siblings. My mother-in-law framed this adorable drawing that one of my sisters-in-law drew of her entire family when she was little. This picture on a mug would surely be a favorite to look at and remember on a regular basis! Have fun exploring how one of your kid’s drawings would look on a black or white photo mug!

art mug

Picture Mom Smile

Because moms know life is precious and fleeting, moms love memories that capture special times and trigger how we felt back when. Print the memories she holds dear on canvas, metal, wood, framed prints, tiles, plaques, pillows, blankets, or ornaments.

framed art

Then watch mom smile.

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