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PixyPic’s custom photo phone cases are the perfect way to protect your smartphone with a sense of style.

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All about Photo Phone Cases

A phone case should be as important as the mobile phone itself. After all, it’s one of the main ways of protecting your phone from damage. Without a high-quality phone case, your expensive phone could be one drop away from being ruined.

Besides protecting your mobile device, your phone case is an expression of your personality and style. It’s what people see when you answer a call or check your messages. Whether your case is sleek, tough, plain, or colorful, it tells others a little bit about yourself. Every time you take out your phone, you’re revealing a piece of your identity.

Why settle for a mass-produced phone case, when you’re so unique? You don’t have to get the same phone case as everyone else. It’s easy to customize your case with a personal photo, letting others see a part of yourself that you’re proud of.

Photos of family, pets, hobbies, or memorable vacations all make excellent designs for phone cases. You can match your phone case with the background of your mobile phone or with accessories like tote bags or coffee mugs.

When selecting your phone case, you’ll have a choice between two styles: sleek and tough. Both are available for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices, and both are specially made for displaying photos.

Our sleek phone cases have a durable polymer shell, one of the best materials for protecting your phone. It’ll keep your photos and phone in top condition. Your images won’t fade or crack, even after years of use.

Our tough cases also have a fantastic polycarbonate hard shell, along with a rigid bumper for maximum protection. It’s strong and impact-resistant, but also stylish enough for displaying photos. It has a glossy printed finish to make your images look great.

You can choose any design and print any photo on both types of phones cases. Make your phone case as unique as you are! With our customized cases, your phone will look like none other.