4 Ways to Create Memories with Your Children When Traveling without Them

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Do you sometimes travel without your kids? I took my first trip away from my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Eloise to visit a dear childhood friend in Washington, D.C. I’ve always been able to hug and kiss Eloise good-night, so going away [...]

12 Months of Family Portraits: Remember the Past, Enjoy the Present, and Consider Future Images

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Among your New Year’s goals, you might want to exercise more, drink more water, go through a neglected closet, or get a stamp in your passport. Maybe you’re a mama like me who wants to also keep up with memory [...]

’Tis the Season for Pictures: 5 Must-Photograph Holiday Moments

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The holidays bring sweet delights, and, if you’re a parent, that likely brings the desire to share all those moments with your kids. I want my daughter Eloise to experience all the joy the Christmas season brings—and with that are [...]

Make Next Year’s October Decorations Using This Year’s New Fall Photos

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Each fall brings a chill in the air, orange and yellow leaves tumbling about, pumpkin patch decisions, and creative whimsies of what this year’s Halloween costumes will be. I know we can expect the same weather and the same sort [...]

Take a Picture a Day for the First Year of Your Baby’s Life

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If I didn’t have pictures, I fear I’d forget. Photographs are gifts—glimpses of moments from the past that trigger memories and emotions. Taking a photo helps ingrain the image deeper in your own mind. You know how people sometimes hold [...]

Some Moments Aren’t Meant For Professional Photographers

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Good photographers are artists that have the ability to awaken our senses just by looking at a single photo. Meanwhile, in real life, there is a celebration to be had when your child gets through an entire shopping trip at Trader Joe’s, pushing those little red carts without running anyone over! Life deserves an imperfect, unexpected photo shoot. Grab those moments, they belong to you.

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